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The Order of Volos

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Two NPCs [Oct. 25th, 2005|12:12 pm]
The Order of Volos

Kathleen Barrows
Invictus - Clan Daeva

Kathleen Barrows was embraced by the prestigious Berlin Kindred Armin Gotthold who is both a Regent and the Priscus of clan Daeva in Berlin. She is not from Berlin, and doesn't really mention why she was there to have been embraced, what she will gladly share is the fact that she left to become a "self-made" woman. In that goal she has succeeded. Kathleen is the youngest Primogen on the council, she is well connected to the city's Ancilla community and lately she seems to have developed a friendship with the Kogaion of the Ordo Dracul.


Avery Lieth
Carthian Movement - Clan: Mekhet

Many of the city's Kindred believe Avery Lieth is the token Primogen to placate the Carthian Movement. Many also believe Avery Lieth some how forced the Primogen Council into accepting him. The truth of the matter isn't known, and such things are best left unknown. What matters to the Carthians is that someone is on the Council voting in their favor. Recently however many of the young firebrand Carthians have claimed that Lieth is little more than a lapdog to the Primogen Council. Avery Lieth recently called for a vote and once again won the position of Prefect -- silencing the opposition, for now.