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The Order of Volos

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This Elegy [Dec. 27th, 2004|08:25 pm]
The Order of Volos
Now that I feel like the New World of Darkness chronicle is in full swing I feel that it is time to give it a name. We will call the chronicle "This Elegy"

I have a BIG scene planned for you Invictus players this week, and a major step in the plot as well. Some of the characters might even battle the beast, and find themselves feeling less than human when it is all said and done, and there is that mortal sister too... (sinister grin)

I've also started selecting music for the game, like AFI's Sing the Sorrow was used for much of the Sabbat chronicle this game will use VNV Nation's Future Perfect. The next game is 12-30-04 Neal and Jessica's starting at 5:00 PM.