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Gehenna Preview 5 - Richmond, Indiana: World of Darkness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Order of Volos

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Gehenna Preview 5 [Jul. 8th, 2004|04:51 pm]
The Order of Volos
[Current Mood |tenebrous]

Zoe knew it wouldn’t be easy to prove her loyalty to the rest of them, David knew she was loyal, and Volos knew it, but the rest, even ancient Olcelece were some what skeptical.

The shadows had told Zoe where to find her prey, where to find the Assamites sent to slay the former Camarilla Prince, her former enemy now turned ally, Alexander Severak. The shadows whispered and Zoe followed them, they lead her through the twisting city, she used them to glide from building to building, rooftop to rooftop, effortlessly. Zoe leapt from the roof of an old factory, recently restored to working order by Destiny Corp. Zoe grabbed a shadowy tendril and pulled herself along, with the inconceivable strength of her clan she pushed herself 50 feet into the air, and catching another of her shadows she raised her self up to the next roof top.

Zoe scanned her surrounds, listening close to the call of shadows. She cloaked herself in shadow, wrapped it tight around her body, like a warm blanket. As does a coat on a stormy night, the shadows both comforted and protected her.

She leaped from the building's roof, her fall was slowed by the shadows and she lightly touched the ground. She slipped through the crack in the old busted windows of the building and slid up the walls, she stared down at the floor and listened closely for voices, she watched for any signs of activity, she tried to pick out the smell of blood.

There Zoe waited for what seemed like an eternity, until finally three creatures, most assuredly the ones she was looking for entered through the rear door. They spoke about their plans to ambush Severak at sunset, before he had risen. They spoke of his haven, mentioned the lay out, the security, even the access codes to Severak’s personal living space. Finally the vampire were within striking distance of Zoe’s trap, for while she had waited she had called to a multitude of shadows, and like one the blacker-than-onyx tendrils rose from their hiding place, like vipers from a pit the shadows struck. Tearing through empty crates, and shattering cement pillars like glass the tendrils tore through the room. One of the Assamites was torn to shreds immediately, his death was a gruesome sight to behold, his limbs where set flying, and his torso was torn asunder. Finally the hundreds of tiny pieces settled into ash.

The female, clearly the leader of this group, was slashing at the obsidian serpents, while the remaining male darted from one broken and mangled pillar to another. The two seemed to fight so well together, he was leading the shadowy arms to the female so that she could cut them into ribbons. Zoe settled herself onto the steel beams of the ceiling, and reformed her body, the shadows called to her, but she knew a some what more physical form was needed. Rather than beckoning shadow and becoming one with it, she transformed herself into a form that existed somewhere between the physical realm and the darkness of the abyss.

She fell silently behind the male, and wrapped an inky, black, arm around his arms, she yanked him off of the ground and impaled him on a black tendril, hooked, and barbed. She raked his body along the barbed cord of gloom until nothing remained but bits of flesh which soon dissipated to ash.

The female vampire let out a howl and rushed Zoe, who easily side stepped the rage driven blow, the female spun and ducked as Zoe lashed out with a murky whip of darkness. The Assamite charged her blades nearly caught Zoe, but a shadowy tentacle absorbed the blow, Zoe harnessed the power of her rage and her control of the abyss and she sent a multitude of darkened tentacles to lash out at the female Assamite, who cut the cords into bits, but it gave Zoe the distraction she needed as she swept a barbed and spiked tendril across the Assamite’s exposed back. The Assamite was on the ground its back gashed wide open. Zoe wrapped the barbed cord around the wretched thing’s neck. With a twist the head was severed and the creature fell to ash. Zoe knew she had proven her loyalty.